BIMCRONE, combines the three-dimensional form of architectural project drawings in construction projects with business plan, quantity and cost data, and helps decision support processes by keeping the data flow accurate and up-to-date throughout the project.


With data stored in a central database, all disciplines can access the same model and partially change them. The different teams of the project can be accessed from a single point and the most up-to-date version of the project. The benefit of this is that the confusion and errors created by having different teams accessing different information is avoided. It is a common situation that project costs increase considerably with the information confusion in existing projects.


By adding cost and time data to the architectural project, BimCrone permanently connects and tracks the effects of these three important components throughout the project life cycle. It allows the project to be animated in three dimensions with time and cost-quantity information.

Strengths of BimCrone

  • Work Plan, Architectural Plan and Quantity Data on A Single Point with Full Integration
  • Prevents Delays Caused by Lack of Coordination
  • Full Compatible With IFC, XML, XLS etc.
  • %3- Financial Gain from Expenses
  • Project Oriented
  • Provides Project Life Cycle for Efficiency
  • Collaboration Between Different Disciplines
  • Provides Data Integrity with Single Point Access to All Data
  • Compatible with Mobile Devices
  • Combine Cost and Quantity Data
  • Cost Estimates, Risk Analysis and Product Management
  • Role-Based Authorization
  • Ensures That Resources Are Used Correctly
  • Suitable for Use All Over the World with Its Structure
  • Compatible with Different Building Types


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