• Game Development

We love to play games, we love it so much that we want to share the games of our dreams into code and share them with you. We wish you a pleasant time by trying our games at the markets. If you want to play the beta version of our new game without waiting for more and take part in beta tests, you can contact us from our contact form and our social media platforms.

Copier King

Match and More

Joyful Math

  • Software Development

We are in the magical world of software development. Our expertise is modeling projects and virtual reality applications with high design needs, regardless of sector. We realize successful projects by working in close contact with our customers in accordance with agile methodologies in all areas from product management to testing. Our goal is to realize innovative, distinctive projects with our customers and motivated team.

  • Software Development

Yazılım geliştirmenin büyülü dünyasında biz de varız. Heyecanını hissedebildiğimiz müşterilerimizle, motivasyonu güçlü ekibimizle yenilikçi projelerde fark yaratmak için çalışıyoruz. Uzmanlığımız tasarım ihtiyacı yüksek modelleme projeleri ve sanal gerçeklik uygulamalarıdır. Hedefimiz ürün yönetiminden, test aşamasına kadar tüm alanlarda çevik metodolojilere uygun, müşterilerimiz ile yakın temas halinde çalışarak başarılı projelere imza atmaktır.

  • Consultancy

One of the priorities of every business is to increase productivity. At this point, we want to work with you to increase your efficiency with our expert staff. You know your job best, we want to be with you to offer you effective solutions and to apply best practice examples. By increasing the synergy with collaboration between teams, we turn to result-oriented solutions. We improve your processes with you, while doing this, we observe quality standards such as ISO, CMMI, SPICE and speed up your certification processes. We offer our experience, especially in SDLC and ALM streams, with current best practice solutions. We provide installation, configuration, and additional development support for every application you need during these improvements. While giving application training, we deliver the documentation of your processes in detail.